Garage Features That Add Resale Value

When you are considering building a garage on your property or renovating the existing garage structure, it is important that you consider what will offer the best return on your investment. At some point, your property will most likely be listed on the real estate market. This means that you should add design features that offer the most value. A garage can be a selling point for any property if it offers the most desirable features. It is important that you are aware of the garage features that will make your property easier to sell when the time comes.

Attached Door

It can be a great idea to have a door on the inside of your garage that offers access to your home. This allows you the ability to get access to your car without having to even go outdoors. Homeowners that live in regions where it is especially cold during the winter months can add quite a bit of value by simply installing a door in the garage that allows access to the home. This door will be an additional entrance beside the front garage door that is also designed for access to vehicles.


It is also important to consider curb appeal when you are designing your new garage. The garage is a part of the property and should have features that are designed to be aesthetically appealing. This means that having windows installed on the garage is key. Windows will enable natural light to be visible within the garage and will also make it look more visually appealing. Small windows on the front of the garage door have the ability to change the entire style of this structure. Make sure that the windows are placed high and are small in design to ensure that they do not present a security risk.


As long as space permits, it is a good idea to construct a garage that is large enough to hold two vehicles. Most prospective home buyers are looking for properties that are suitable for two vehicles. A two-car garage does require double the amount of space as a one-car garage, but it will add immense value. It can be a selling point of any property if it features a two-car garage. Not only should the size of the garage permit storage of more than one car, but there should also be additional space for storing other stuffs. Larger garages offer more value because they are much more functional.