4 Essential Tips for Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers are the backbone of most building's mechanical systems. To avoid complete shutdown of the entire building, routine maintenance of the cooling towers is important. Failure to do this can be the genesis of most cooling tower problems.

If done properly and routinely, you can be sure that the lifespan of the cooling tower system will increase and the costs of repairs will be decreased. The following are the tips every homeowner should know about maintaining a cooling tower.  

Water treatment

This is the most important step in maintaining a cooling tower. If the water in the cooling tower is not of good quality, it can end up fouling the whole system by scaling the pipes and the condensers. This reduces the efficiency of the system.  Testing the water monthly and treating it with biocide and scale inhibitors is very important in maintaining the integrity of the cooling tower.


Motors are essential in pumping water in the cooling tower. If a motor fails, it leads to failure of the whole system. Hoisting a motor on a cooling tower is not easy since they are relatively heavy. As such, here are a few maintenance tips that are important to avoid the breakdown of the motor:

  • Check the motor's insulation annually.
  • Lubricate the motor's bearing as stipulated by the manufacturer.
  • Tighten the electrical connections on the motor annually
  • Inspect operating current regularly to ensure that it does not exceed the manufacturer's recommended range.
  • Check for excessive vibrations monthly.


Lubricating the fan shaft bearings is an essential step in maintaining a proper operation. This should be done at least quarterly. Installing automatic bearing greasers can prove useful as it will eliminate the monthly bearing maintenance. The following maintenance tips are also important for the fans:

  • Check and clean the blades annually.
  • Replace the belts annually
  • Inspect for corrosion and wear at least quarterly
  • Inspect for the fan's alignment and the security to the shaft annually.

Drain and overflow

The drain and overflow pipes should be inspected for obstructions monthly. Any obstructions should be cleared. Dirt and debris should be flushed from the cold water basin using the tower drain to maintain the water filtration as well as prevent dirt from collecting.

Installing a basin sweeper will act as an automatic maintenance and it will complement the filtration system.

When you use the aforementioned maintenance tips, you will be able to increase the efficiency and the lifespan of the cooling tower. For more information about cooling towers, contact a company like Breezewater Pty Ltd.