How to Choose the Ideal Line Marking Paint for Your Parking Lot

Marking your parking lot creates a safe parking environment for your workers and clients. When there are no lines or the existing ones are faded, there is no guiding system for vehicle owners. This can cause them to park in the wrong areas or obstruct other vehicles, and this can create confusion and accidents in the parking area. One of the major considerations you need to make when marking your parking lot is choosing the ideal paint. Here are some of the factors that you should have in mind when making a choice.

Climatic factors

The climate in your location significantly affects the type of paint that's suitable for marking the parking lot. For instance, if the area features a cold climate, oil-based paints would be the ideal option as they do not freeze. Freezing can cause paint to crack or chip over time, and this will make it less visible. You will be forced to remark the parking lot after a short period, and this can be expensive. Oil-based marking paints are also ideal for parking lots that are prone to flooding as they have the ability to repel water. This makes the paint more durable during winter and the rainy season.

Thermoplastic paints should be considered for warm tropical climates and parking lot areas that are not usually exposed to flooding. They are durable and easily visible in these environments.

Type of traffic

Not all types of line marking paints can perform well when exposed to heavy traffic. For this reason, you need to consider the type of vehicles that frequent your facility. If there is low traffic that comprises of standard vehicles, you can select any oil-based or thermoplastic marking paint. However, if the parking lot sees heavy traffic, part of which includes trucks and heavy duty equipment, you need to consider a type of paint that can endure the traffic. Thermoplastic paints are highly durable when exposed to heavy traffic and should be considered.

Maintenance requirements

Parking lots are among the areas that require the least maintenance in most facilities. Spending a lot of money on the daily or weekly cleaning and maintenance needs of the parking lot may not be viable. Thermoplastic paints are easy to maintain, and the markings can be cleaned using plain water and a broom. However, oil-based paints require special cleaning products such as mineral spirits and solvents to keep them looking visible and durable. Consider such costs and to what extent you intend to incur them when making a choice.

Talk with a contractor that offers road line marking to make sure you choose the right paint. You can also make inquiries on how to maintain the markings and the look of your parking area.