3 Reasons to Replace a Damaged Plaster Ceiling With Plasterboard

If you have damaged plaster on a ceiling, then you might be able to make repairs to make things good again. However, if the damage is extensive, then your contractor might recommend that you put up a new ceiling. At this stage, you can switch to using plasterboard. Why might this be a good idea?

1. Reduce Your Costs

If you have to make extensive plaster repairs, then you have to judge whether the fix is worth the cost. In some cases, it might be cheaper to take the plaster down and install plasterboard rather than spending time and money patching up multiple damaged areas.

Plus, plasterboard is usually less expensive to install. It will certainly save you money on a full like-for-like plaster replacement. Future repairs will also be faster and cheaper. Plasterboard is easier to repair than plaster. You can cut out parts of a sheet or take it out completely to restore an area.

2. Get a More Robust Ceiling

If you patch up old plaster, then your ceiling is likely to develop more problems down the line. Even if you completely replaster the ceiling, you'll probably have to do more repairs in the future. Regular plaster cracks relatively easily. Once it starts to crack, you know that you'll need to do some maintenance work at some point to keep the ceiling intact.

Plasterboard is usually more robust. It isn't likely to crack like straight plaster. Its rigidity helps it to stay intact in situations where a more flexible plaster might struggle to cope. So, your ceiling will stay in better condition for longer.

3. Add Protective Treatments

If you want to add extra protection or features to a ceiling, then plasterboard is a good fit. You can use different types of plasterboard in different types of situations.

For example, if you live in an apartment and don't like the fact that you can hear your upstairs neighbours too much, then you can install a sound-resistant product. This type of plasterboard reduces noise that comes through the ceiling. Your internal sound levels could be more comfortable.

Plus, you can also use plasterboards with water resistance in wet and damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Some products also have fire-resistant benefits. To get these useful features, look for high-quality professional products such as Gyprock plasterboard.

For more information on plasterboard like Gyprock plasterboard, contact a professional near you.