Building a backyard gazebo

Getting the most out of your fire sprinklers

One of the most effective pieces of fire safety equipment is fire sprinklers. If they're installed and maintained properly, they should be able to react to any minor fire and put it out. To make sure your fire sprinklers are operating in top condition, you should have them inspected by a professional at least annually to make sure the water source is sufficient and that all the parts of the sprinkler system are functioning like they should. Read More 

4 Essential Tips for Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers are the backbone of most building's mechanical systems. To avoid complete shutdown of the entire building, routine maintenance of the cooling towers is important. Failure to do this can be the genesis of most cooling tower problems. If done properly and routinely, you can be sure that the lifespan of the cooling tower system will increase and the costs of repairs will be decreased. The following are the tips every homeowner should know about maintaining a cooling tower. Read More 

The Different Repairs You May Need For Your Timber Windows

Timber windows are common in older houses. They hold great aesthetic value but need more maintenance compared to metallic windows. If you have a property that bears timber windows, you can expect to have a few repairs carried out down the line. These range from light maintenance fixes to more comprehensive alterations. Below, find out what these repairs are and what to expect. Sealing Sealing is a mandatory maintenance step for timber windows that should be carried out annually. Read More 

Garage Features That Add Resale Value

When you are considering building a garage on your property or renovating the existing garage structure, it is important that you consider what will offer the best return on your investment. At some point, your property will most likely be listed on the real estate market. This means that you should add design features that offer the most value. A garage can be a selling point for any property if it offers the most desirable features. Read More 

Intruder Alert! Choosing The Correct Window Security Film For Your Commercial Property

Windows are the weakest part of most commercial buildings and often the first line of defence against security threats. Window security film uses a pressure sensitive adhesive that will hold your windows together if they are broken, giving you, your staff and your assets protection against airborne shards of glass. If you're planning on installing window security film, this guide will help you choose the appropriate thickness, length and attachment method. Read More