How to Choose a Woodstove or Wood Heater for Your Home

A woodstove can be a great choice for a home that doesn't already have a fireplace, as it adds warmth and a sense of relaxation to any room. You might be able to save on utility costs with a woodstove, as it can mean lowering your thermostat and using your furnace less often. Since you have so many options available to you when it comes to a woodstove or wood heater, you might consider a few quick tips on how to choose one that will work in your home. Note the following.

1. Heating capacity

The heating capacity or maximum amount of heat that a woodstove puts out needs to be considered, as you want something that will actually heat the space or room where the stove is installed. One with a very small heating capacity will not keep the room warm and may only waste material and space. 

However, note that the size of a stove is not the only factor that determines its heating capacity; the material used to make the stove and how it radiates heat, as well as the front cover, will also affect its capacity. Look at the actual numbers involved for heating capacity. Remember too that you usually don't want to use the maximum heating capacity of a woodstove, as this might mean too much heat on its components. Choose something with a larger heating capacity than what you think you'll need so you'll be safe and comfortable.

2. Materials

Most wood heaters are made from cast iron or steel, and these materials are virtually identical in durability and performance. You can choose between them based on their appearance alone. However, soapstone, another option, is a bit different. This material takes longer to absorb and radiate heat, so a soapstone stove may take longer to get warm in very cold temperatures. While you may like the look of a soapstone stove, be sure you understand the challenges of waiting for it to actually get warm.

3. Door

The door to a wood heater may not seem important, but remember that a larger door means a better view of the fire. You need to ensure that there will be room for the door according to where you install the woodstove, but don't choose one with a smaller door just to save money if you want to enjoy the look of your woodstove. Invest in a large door with few obstructions so you get the feeling of a fireplace with your wood heater.

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