The Different Repairs You May Need For Your Timber Windows

Timber windows are common in older houses. They hold great aesthetic value but need more maintenance compared to metallic windows. If you have a property that bears timber windows, you can expect to have a few repairs carried out down the line. These range from light maintenance fixes to more comprehensive alterations. Below, find out what these repairs are and what to expect.


Sealing is a mandatory maintenance step for timber windows that should be carried out annually. It's a simple process where a sealant is painted over the window frame. The sealant is clear so it keeps your window looking the same. Sealing is vital to prevent moisture penetration into the wood, a risk that could cause warping and rotting of the wood. Sealing also abates pest damage, especially with termites. It also smoothes the window frames, making them much easier to clean.


Painting your timber windows is not mandatory. In fact, most people prefer to leave the wood in its natural look. However, if your timber windows are painted, repainting is necessary every few years to reverse the effects of peeling and fading. You can also choose to paint your timber windows to match them with other decor areas of your home such as the internal walls, external walls, roofing, front door, etc.


Sometimes, replacement of parts is necessary for your timber windows. Mostly, replacement is done when parts are rotten or have been infested by pests such as termites or wood borers. Replacement of the affected parts helps to restore the structural integrity of the window. Some parts such as the beading can be replaced to avoid glass rattling. For sash windows, cords are replacement to ensure the window opens and closes as required. Of course, the glass too can be replaced if broken or cracked.

Joint repairs

Joints are highly susceptible to repairs in windows. Often, this is brought about by the contracting, expanding or warping of the wood often caused by moisture changes. When this happens, window joints may loosen. Such damage is corrected by replacing or reshaping the affected wood pieces. These are then rejoined using wood glues, nails and screws.


Another common repair process for timber windows is planning. This is the smoothing of the timber frame using a planning machine or a smoothing belt. Planning is carried out to correct jamming windows. The process reduces the dimensions of the window frame slightly, thus allowing proper opening and closing without obstruction.

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