No Central A/C? Try These Alternatives

If you live somewhere that gets triple digits during the warm months of the year, but you don't have central air conditioning, it can be a burden. However, hope is not lost. There are still other options for cooling off your home without having to spend the money required for a central HVAC system. Here are some air conditioning alternatives to consider.

Window Air Conditioner

The first option you have, which is one of the cheapest ways to cool off your home, is by getting a window air conditioner. This type of unit only requires placing it in a window and plugging it in. You will need to size the window air conditioning units so you can find one fitting in a window of your choice. It should preferably fit in the window where it sits on the window sill, though you can build a shelving unit there as well. Place it in a window in a large room of the home, as this has the best potential for cooling off a larger area. Maintaining the window unit requires cleaning out the filter, which should be accessible from the front of the unit.

Portable Air Conditioner

If you have a little more to spend, you can get a portable air conditioner. This is a stand-alone unit that is placed in any room of your home. They usually have an exhaust hose that needs to be installed in a window of the home. Aside from the hose, they are about as convenient as a window unit, though a little pricier. The great thing about portable units is that it is easy to move them from room-to-room, so you can have cool air no matter what time of day it is. Portable units typically have standard settings that allow you to set the desired temperature and fan speed.

Split-System Air Conditioner

Your final option is to have a split-system air conditioner installed. This is the most expensive option with the most difficult installation process, but it is still considerably less extensive than central air conditioner. A split-system unit does not use any vents or ducts in the home. There are two pieces of the unit; one that goes inside and one that goes outside. The unit inside your home has a cooling fan and cooling coils, which is how you get cool air throughout your home. It tends to reach a little farther than the other options, so you might experience cool air in more than one room.