Three Types Of Stair Balustrades That Give Your Home A Touch Of Beauty

Deciding on an appropriate balustrade for the stairs in your new or existing home can be a tough decision. A lot of people are unaware of the range of balustrade design options available because the balustrade is a small niche market in the home improvement industry. There is not a great deal of information available for people when choosing a suitable design or type of balustrade. Read on to inform yourself about three types of balustrades that give your home an added touch of elegance and beauty.

  • Glass balustrade.This is a wonderful option to add to existing staircases. A glass balustrade complements a timber staircase wonderfully, giving a clean and modern finish to existing structures. Adding a glass balustrade to your staircase can have the dramatic effect of turning your stairs from ordinary-looking to becoming the stand-out feature of the interior or exterior design of your home. The one con of a glass balustrade is that it is more vulnerable to accidents compared to other materials. This may be worth thinking about if you have children in your home, because the chance of glass breaking and causing an accident from toys being thrown around is heightened. An alternative solution if you are dead set on a glass balustrade is to go for a tempered glass option that is a lot less likely to break. 
  • Timber balustrade. This is an excellent and versatile option for any indoor or outdoor staircase. Timber can be shaped and designed in hundreds of different ways, giving almost endless options for a unique and naturally beautiful handrail. With appropriate installation from a professional general contractor, a timber balustrade can last for decades. Bear in mind that a timber balustrade might be more expensive than other options mentioned here because it is harder to install them, and they require a skilled painter to finish them. 
  • Steel balustrade. When most people hear the word "steel", an image of something durable and strong comes into their mind. This is correct for steel balustrades. They are the best option if durability is at the forefront of your thoughts. It would be folly to conclude that durability is the only thing a steel balustrade offers though. With an array of contemporary designs available, a steel handrail on your staircase can give a stunning and sophisticated modern look to an indoor or outdoor staircase. 

Whatever type of balustrade tickles your fancy, be sure to have yours installed by a qualified general contractor. This will ensure that your handrail is built to last and is structurally sound.